Strategic Objectives

  1. Bring together Safaricom Authorized dealers in order to articulate ideas, opinions, problems, and progress with one voice.
  2. Represent dealers through their elected officials in dialogues and discussion with Safaricom.
  3. To support Safaricom and dealers, charity events in raising funds and other related projects.
  4. To achieve economic benefits of both Safaricom and dealers.
  5. Represent all dealers in matters that need to be addressed to the government, i.e. taxation, duties etc.
  6. Self regulate and control the dealer and sub-dealer network in view of cases of undercutting and theft (business Morals)
  7. Regulate and agree on discount on goods, which Safaricom has already set, discounted margins.
  8. To educate the general public on the role and benefits they derive in dealing with authorized dealers.
  9. To monitor, inform and recommend to Safaricom any disciplinary action on renegade dealers who do not conform to the moral obligations, objectives and rules laid by the dealers for the good of Safaricom and dealers.
  10. To discuss agree and forge a common front on issue that affect dealers business progression, demand and ideas.

Our Achievements

  1. Successfully deliberated with Safaricom and Kenya Revenue Authority on correction of VAT and excise duty computation and a refund on the difference was issued which was and is an immense benefit for all dealers.
  2. Liaise with Safaricom for initial purchase of ETR machines for all dealers and further sourcing for a company to supply machines to the dealer network and follow up on roll our training.
  3. Negotiated with Safaricom to review our commission structures after all dealers inclusive meeting organized by the association.
  4. Continuous consultations with Safaricom through the committees set up i.e. main committee, finance and sales committees on better terms on contracts, targets, business planning, operations, branding residual growth etc.
  5. The association has enabled a forum for all dealers to come together and speak in one voice during the meetings held quarterly and helps us air our concerns, views and recommendations as a team and move forward e.g. security matters, staffing issues etc.
  6. Enhanced interpersonal relationships between dealer principals through formal and informal interactions.